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July 2, 2013 / binidas

First step to explore hadoop

Having a baby is most wonderful experience which changes your perspective to life altogether. I gave birth to beautiful baby boy and taken an year off from work. Although having a baby takes all your time, i decided to utilise whatever spare time i had to hone my skills on big data computing.

Hadoop is what i decided try my hands on for data crunching for my personal project. Hadoop is distributed big data solution for vast volume of data to be crunched in a clustered machines working in parallel on same problem to obtain desired solution. Found a brilliant presentation on hadoop HDFS introduction by Sameer Farooqui at Intro to HDFS , this clearly explains the fundamental behind hadoop hdfs. This gave an overview of underlying hadoop architecture. Hadoop echo system has other projects, tools and frameworks which you can find in apache website.

Now i was thrilled to write some Hello world application in Hadoop and as usual, downloaded the application and set it up manually on single node and run the example application. Wasn’t very pleased with valina setup, i needed something that i configure a cluster environment, hence came across blog which mentions about cloudera.

To get started Cloudera has very simple setup which can bootup in VM environment using quickstart VM installable. Instruction on how to setup is available in INSTALLATION guide.
Now having VM up and running, i wanted quick guide on how to use cloudera without attending the training course. Found a presentation on youtube from Lynn Langit which is a very basic tutorial on mapreduce using cloudera. I must say she is an excellent presentor/tutor. Check her videos Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals 1 of 5 on youtube.

Next is to setup enterprise version of cloudera on CentOS also get a good book which can guide in production application development which also suggest the best practices to follow.


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